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The Happi Llandiers, Inc. has been in existence in West Feliciana Parish since 1955. This organization is made up of educators and professionals. Its original mission has not changed, only expanded to help persons in need of assistance, particularly children amd their families. Children are the primary focus of this organization, but recognizing that families are the key to a child's success. Happi Llandiers institutes programs that reach out to people to bring gaps and meet merging needs.

Happi Llandiers became aware of children who stayed home from school due to lack of clothing, food and school supplies. For years, this group raised money and used individual resources to pay for these needs.

In 1985, happi Llandiers became a United Way Agency and has been one of the main groups in the area to provide an array of serices.

Happi Llandiers has grown from a budget of $17,000 to over $100,000.